Wokenschau - Ep 1 (May 12th, 2024)

  • 12. Mai 2024  – 
  • Paul Brandenburg  – 
  • 45 Min
The Nazis are officially back! At least according to Germany's reigning regime of totalitarians. But don't you worry, world: its very own "Verfassungsschutz", a special kind of domestic intelligence service, is hunting them down in the name of "our democarcy". Meanwhile "Germanys Kennedy", a professional author of children's books (and Minister of Armament), is ridding the nation of virtually all sources of affordable energy while openly "preparing it for war" against Russia.

Is there any connection of all this, you might ask, to the fact that Mohammed become #1 on the list of popular boy's names in Germany? And why is antisemitism still both very legal and popular around that country? Find it all out on this first episode of Wokenschau.

Wokenschau: Weekly update on the totalitarianism of the "European Union" and it's largest economy. Hosted by Paul Brandenburg and Joe Achim Winter.

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